A Lesson in Resilience from Rats

This study has all over the news since yesterday, and I love it. Apparently a team of researchers at the University of Richmond in Virginia trained a group of rats to drive these adorable custom vehicles ( Actually, they trained two groups of rats, one that was bred in an "enriched environment" with colorful blocks and toys, and one...[ read more ]

3 Ways to Manage Anxiety

According to a recent survey done by the American Psychiatric Association, Millennials (people between the ages of 20 and 35) are the most anxious generation. Additionally, this year’s national anxiety score saw a five-point jump since 2017. Increases in anxiety scores were seen across age groups, across people of different race/ethnicity and among men and women. Clearly, we are living...[ read more ]

3 Simple Tips for Happiness

In my years of working at a senior center, I couldn't help but notice the wide spectrum of happiness among our members every day. True, one doesn't have to be around older adults to see happy or sad people. But the paradigm is different when one is talking about people who have lived through 70, 80 or 90 years of...[ read more ]

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