Anxiety Treatment

Are you gripped by worry most days?

Feel tired, irritable or edgy all the time?

Overwhelmed with the world right now?

The Covid-19 pandemic makes anxiety worse
Social isolation, lockdowns, job insecurity. The Coronavirus crisis has thrown the entire world into chaos. If you are experiencing anxiety more than usual, then you are not alone.

We are worried about getting infected. Or maybe we already were infected. Does it make sense to get an antibody test? How does it affect children? Should I be sanitizing groceries anymore? The questions and uncertainty is scary, and seems unlikely to end anytime soon. Even if you and your family are safe, the stress of managing everything all the time, is well beyond what most of us are accustomed to.

I can help you cope via Online Therapy. Reach out to me for a free consultation to see if we could work together.

These are common symptom of anxiety. Anxiety, in its many forms, can affect people of any age, gender, socioeconomic class or personality style. It can range from a specific phobia, anxiety in social situations, panic attacks to general anxiety all the time. At its basic level, anxiety is a survival instinct, and very much a part of being human, and while is is normal, healthy even, to have anxiety at appropriate moments, many people start experiencing it all the time.

You Are Not Alone

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders affect 18% of the US population every year, with the average age of onset being 11. Women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime.  22% of all cases can be classified as “severe” yet only yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment.

For some people, anxiety can be delibitating, and for others, while it is possible to keep functioning it means accepting anxiety as a part of life. This means constantly dealing with physical symptoms such as muscle tension, fatigue, palpitations, sweating, and disrupted digestion. Life can seem like a burden and you find yourself avoiding activities to curb your anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment Works

The good news is that anxiety is extremely treatable. My clients find relief to their symptoms within two or three sessions. I use a combination of various research-backed methods, educational literature and mind-body techniques to help my clients manage their anxiety, no matter what the cause. I understand how hard it can be share your fears with others, and I give you the space to air out all your feelings openly.

You May Have Concerns

I don’t have time for this.

While it may seem impossible to carve out time from your already stretched schedule, think about how much better life could be if you also didn’t have to manage stressful feelings all the time. You can go about life avoiding situations that increase your anxiety, but unfortunately it has a circular effect, and often contributes to the development or worsening of fears. Not getting help now could make the problem worse as time goes on.

What if it doesn’t work? Is it worth it?

Apart from all the studies that show the effectiveness of therapy for anxiety, I have seen first hand how clients gain a sense of control over their feelings and go on to lead more fulfilling lives without the constant mental ache of anxiety. If you would have found relief from anxiety on your own, you would have done so already. Sometimes, it’s worth getting professional help for the sake of your mental well being.

Ready to Talk?

I understand it is hard to ask for help. You can life an anxiety free life. Together we can work together to make it happen. Contact me for a free consultation. I try to get back to you within 24 hours, and likely the same day.

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